Dubai is a luxurious and modern city located in the United Arab Emirates that offers visitors a unique and
unforgettable experience. The city boasts stunning architecture, world-class shopping, and luxurious
resorts. Visitors can explore the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, indulge in delicious cuisine, and
engage in various water sports activities. Dubai is a perfect destination for those seeking a luxurious and
cosmopolitan experience.

Capital: Dubai
Things to see: Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Fountain, Dubai Museum, Dubai Miracle Garden

Time zone: UTC+4

Avg Flight time from Nigeria: 7-8 hours
Best time to visit: November to March (cooler months)
Currency: United Arab Emirates dirham (AED)
What to pack: Lightweight clothing, sunscreen, comfortable walking shoes, appropriate attire for visiting mosques and other religious sites
Best for which travel experience: Luxury travel, shopping, adventure sports, city exploration

Dubai is a fascinating and luxurious city that offers visitors an unforgettable experience. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider booking a trip to Dubai:

  • Modern and futuristic architecture: Dubai is known for its stunning skyscrapers and innovative architectural designs, including the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Visitors can also explore other impressive structures such as the Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Marina.
  • World-class shopping: Dubai is a shopping haven with an abundance of high-end malls and traditional souks offering a wide range of goods, from luxury fashion brands to traditional spices and gold jewelry. The Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world, is a must-visit destination for shoppers.
  • Desert adventures: Visitors can experience the unique beauty of the desert by taking a thrilling dune buggy ride, a camel trek or even a hot air balloon ride. Dubai’s desert is also home to a range of desert camps offering traditional Bedouin experiences and cultural performances.
  • Delicious cuisine: Dubai’s food scene is diverse and vibrant, with an array of international cuisines to choose from. Visitors can sample traditional Emirati dishes such as machboos and shawarma or indulge in Michelin-starred dining experiences.
  • Luxury and indulgence: Dubai is synonymous with luxury and extravagance, offering visitors a range of luxurious experiences, from opulent hotels and spas to exclusive nightlife and entertainment options.

Overall, Dubai is a city that truly has it all. With its impressive architecture, world-class
shopping, unique desert adventures, delicious cuisine, and luxurious experiences, it is a must-
visit destination for any traveler looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So why not book a
trip to Dubai today and experience it for yourself?


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